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We aim to provide your child with a safe, intellectually stimulating and fun environment. Your child will enjoy learning through play to develop their physical, social and emotional skills"

Garforth Kids Club Ltd is a chain of Out of School Groups, which provides care and activities for 3-11 year olds. Children are supervised by professional and experienced staff, in a cheerful and secure location. We open before and after school, and run an all day playscheme during the holidays.

All clubs work within the guidelines of the Child Care Act 2006 and support and liaison are provided by Leeds City Council's Childre's Services. The clubs are all regularly Ofsted inspected, not only to ensure that we meet all of the guidelines but also to enable parents to claim Tax Credits (up to 70% of childcare fees may be claimed back).

As with schools, we also follow the Early Years Foundation Stage in order that children receive seamless Care and Education and we also follow the Government Food Standards for all meals and snacks served. All of the clubs are also fully insured.


The club is child centred with an emphasis on having fun. A wide range of interesting activities are offered for example:

  • Indoor and outdoor sports and games
  • Art and craft
  • Cooking
  • Computer games
  • Stories
  • Movies
  • Much more!

Because we want children to enjoy their break from the structured way of school life, they are encouraged to take part in the planned activities, but are never forced to do so. Care is taken to ensure that quiet children are not forgotten, and that they are offered activities appropriate for them.

Qualified and experienced staff provide a relaxed, but stimulating environment for the children using the club.

The staff have all been DBS (Police) checked and a First Aider is always close at hand. Children are escorted to and from school by a member of the Kids Club staff.
GKC Staff are easily identified by their tabard and/or identity badge with club logo. If you are interested in our service, please feel free to get in contact today.
Schools Include:

Please book your September places as soon as possible as our places are currently filling faster than ever before!

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