happy child at Garforth Kids Club Ltd


We provide nutritious, delicious, wholesome breakfasts and snacks serving a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables daily. You can rest assured that your child is having part of their '5 a day' here!

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We believe a good diet is essential for happy, well developed, healthy children therefore we offer snacks which use fresh fruit and vegetables. We endeavour to provide good wholesome food with low salt, sugar, flavours or preservatives. Our snacks all comply with the Government Food Standards and our staff are Food Hygiene trained.


Snack times are important in our clubs, the children and staff eat together at tables in their playrooms. This is a great opportunity to encourage conversation, good manners whilst introducing the tasting of new flavours and textures and enjoying the social side of meal times. We also discuss the importance of healthy eating and encourage the children to independently select when they would like a snack and to pour their own drinks.



We provide a nutritious breakfast (up to 8.30am), Children can choose from a variety of cereals and a choice of white or wholemeal toast and a variety of preserves. Drinking water is available to all children throughout the day.


Afternoon Light Snack

As we believe family meals together are very important, we try to offer afternoon snacks which will not spoil the children's evening meals at home. We therefore provide nutritious light snacks including toast, sandwiches, wraps, pitas, noodles, tuna pasta and vegetable crudités and fresh fruit for example.

Holiday Playscheme

During school holidays parents are required to provide their children with a cold packed lunch (we will still provide breakfast and an afternoon snack as we do during term time). We recommend that parents use ice packs in lunchboxes whenever possible as we don't have enough refrigeration facilities for all children's packed lunches. Please ensure your child's packed lunch contains no sweets or nut products, as some of our children in attendance have severe allergies.