happy child at Garforth Kids Club Ltd

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities 

The staff at Garforth Kids Club are committed to the inclusion of all children.

We aim to:

  • Provide an environment which enables children to be safe and healthy
  • Value every individual and enable them to enjoy their learning, achieve their full potential and economic well-being
  • Enable every child to make a positive contribution to their school and community
  • Identify and respond to children’s diverse and individual needs
  • Identify and overcome barriers to learning
  • Set suitable learning challenges for every child

Objectives of Inclusion

SEN Provision and Leadership

The designated setting SENCo works closely with the Senior Leadership team to implement this policy day to day and co-ordinate the provision for SEND children throughout our settings.
The setting’s SEND register includes children who have been identified by our settings and other agencies as having some additional needs and are monitored internally. This is carried out using data from our assessment criteria and information and assessments carried out by external agencies.
Setting Leaders take responsibility for overseeing interventions and the provision for gifted and talented children.

Co-ordinating and Monitoring SEND and Inclusion

The SENCo will:

  • Work in partnership with colleagues, parents/carers, children and outside agencies to set, monitor and review short-term objectives on individual education/behaviour plans
  • Monitor the achievement of children on the SEND register and those who have additional needs
  • Provide professional guidance and continuing professional development for all staff to secure quality care and teaching, and effective use of resources for these children
  • Keep an up to date SEND register
  • Maintain and evaluate records and progress made by children with SEND

The provision for Inclusion will be monitored by:

  • Review meetings between SENCO and setting leader as appropriate
  • Reviews with parents
  • Evaluation of the impact of tailored provision including intervention programmes
  • Setting Development Plan
  • Regular meetings between SENCo and setting staff
  • Monitoring of setting practice and provision
  • Provision for gifted and talented children and tracking their progress will be monitored through discussions with their school teachers (if relevant).

Facilities for pupils with physical disabilities

All settings are accessible for anyone with mobility problems and have disabled toilets and changing facilities. Ninelands has specialist hoists and changing facilities for larger children with complex needs.

Specialist SEND provision, curriculum , teaching and learning

All children are treated as individuals and all our staff plan an appropriately differentiated curriculum for children with additional needs to ensure high quality teaching and learning with effective support and resource. Our curriculum allows all children and those with SEND to see a purpose in their learning.

Identification and Review of pupils with SEND or additional needs
Individual Education Plans and Behaviour Plans (IEPs/IBPs) are used to set manageable targets and monitor progress of those children on the SEND register.
Gifted and talented children will be identified through the professional judgements of staff which will be validated using a variety of assessment criteria.
Internal referrals to the SENCo can be made at any time by staff.
Staff are kept informed and updated about SEND issues and pupils on the SEND register by the SENCo or other key staff as appropriate.

Allocation of Resources for Pupils with Special or Additional Needs
Support for SEND children will be allocated through the use of available funding (External and whole business SEND budget).
This money is discussed with parents then used to fund resources for children with SEND. This could include;

  • Employing staff to work with SEND children
  • Training Staff / Parents
  • Purchasing equipment and resources
  • Buying in extra support e.g. Purchase of extra hours from Speech and Language therapy.
  • Employing a Hearing Impaired co-ordinator
  • Employing a staff member to carry out individual Speech and Language programmes.
  • Supporting transition to other settings including transport

In Service Training
We regularly review the training needs in relation to SEND provision and provide in house and outside agency training to meet the identified needs whenever necessary. This includes training for interventions:

  • We have worked closely with the Leeds SENNIT team (complex needs inclusion team).
  • There are also several staff who have received Epipen training with the local school nurse.
  • We have close links with local primary schools and their specialist staff, Garforth Extended Services Team and we have good links with local Health Visitors.

Current children receiving support in our settings have conditions such as Down’s Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Hearing Impairments, Dyslexia, ADHD and Autism. We are keen however, to respond quickly to the needs of all children and to access any new services should the need arise.

Assessment, Monitoring and Evaluation

Attainment is monitored by the setting SENCo working alongside the Leader / Manager and other staff / outside agencies.

Children who are at risk of exclusion
The behaviour of children who are at risk of exclusion is closely monitored. Short term targets are set which are monitored and reviewed by a member of the Leadership Team, Key Person and the child. These may take the form of a daily target sheet. An Individual Behaviour Plan is put in place and is reviewed regularly by the SENCo and setting Leader/Manager.
Advice and support from outside agencies is sought if required. The staff team will also devise an individual child risk assessment if necessary.

Looked After Children
As a setting we seek to work in partnership with Parents, Carers, the LEA, Health and Social Work Services and Garforth Extended Services. All looked after children will have their needs assessed regularly. Specific needs will be identified and individual targets set in a Personal Education Plan. This would normally be initiated by Social Work Services.

Gifted and Talented Children
The DFES has identified conditions needed to create an effective learning environment for Gifted and Talented children. The setting will endeavour to ensure these are achieved through the following:

Contacts for further information:

  • Self direction with independence of thought and action.
  • Opportunities for involvement in group work with others of similar ability.
  • Imaginative and creative work characterised by higher expectations and appropriate challenge.
  • Learning how to cope with difficulties through challenging activities
  • Contact Yvonne Huntley or Ben Roberts on 0780 3723241 to discuss place availability for Garforth Kids Club and details of children’s specific needs. We will carefully talk to parents and discuss in depth how we can help children to access all areas of our provision and discuss any potential funding should it be required. Specific setting visits and meetings with the setting SENCo will also be arranged before the commencement of care is provided.
  • Further information about other support services or to access wider information in the Leeds Local Offer, for example finding out about health services, play and leisure and so on can be found at: www.leeds.gov.uk/localoffer or bpteam@leeds.gov.uk for sign-posting to other professionals.